DDS1 OSC reset when super set to half

Something I’m finding frustrating with my Super 6 is a horrible oscillator reset (bump with phasing effect) when DDS1 super mode is set to half. The reset occurs on the same note if the envelope has completed or with every new note played. The reset does not happen when DDS1 super mode set to on (full).

Is this expected behaviour?

On VST’s the same effect is prevented by disabling OSC reset (Dune 3) or retrig (Sylenth) when using multiple detuned voices.

Just wanted to echo this, I’ve noticed it on my unit too.

The full super mode sounds great but the 1/2 mode sounds phasey, a bit like how sampled waves behave on older rompler workstations.

It can actually be an interesting effect, but I agree it would be better if the waves were free-running as on the full super mode.

Just a small niggle!

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