Unison - DDS2 - Phase


I have somewhat of an issue with the DDS2 OSC in unison mode. From the FAQ I’ve read that the DDS2 phase is reset per key press, however, that is not entirely true: the phase resets when the amp envelope has finished. This means that when you increase the release time, and you keypress multiple times within the envelope release time, the phase will not reset.

The problem I have with this is that you don’t get a consistent sound: when you’re playing slow (let’s say 1/4ths) the phase will reset, but when you start playing faster (let’s say 1/16ths) the phase won’t reset, making for a very inconsistent sound.

A workaround is to use DDS2 with only a very fast release time. Obviously that’s not always how you want it. Currently I’m simply not using DDS2 when in unison mode.

So, my wish is: make DDS2 always reset, or even better: let us control the phase! :slight_smile:

Thank you.