Oscillator sync, crossmod (what does it do?)

Been playing around a bit with oscillator sync today, and I really like the sounds you can crank out of it with help of the crossmod fader.

But on that note, what does crossmod actually do in sync mode?
It does change the L/R phase for sure, and it sounds like it is almost doing some kind of wavefolding.

Does anyone actually know for sure what it does? If not, I wish we could get some more details on it from @DDS perhaps?

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When SYNC is activated for DDS 2, the default cross modulation behaviour is reversed, i.e. DDS 2 is being frequency modulated by DDS 1. Since DDS 2 is forced to restart its waveform cycle with DDS 1 and DDS 1 is responsible for the pitch in this mode, any changes to DDS 2’s settings will not affect the pitch of DDS 1, but only change the harmonic content of the sound the depth of which can be controlled by the CROSS MOD fader. De facto, this allows for a well-behaved FM whose sonic outcome might resemble the results of wave folding or phase modulation.


Ok this is just brilliant. I was trying to work out what was going on, but I couldn’t quite put it together, so thanks a lot for clarifying!

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