Ringmod as an alternate crossmod?

While I am very happy with everything as it is in the current featureset, and while obviously focus is rightly spent on fixing all current known issues, I do have something on my long term wishlist that would’ve been really amazing.

Is there any possibility of doing ring modulation as some kind of alternate setting for crossmod? That would’ve been incredibly cool.


It would be cool, RM is about the only classic synthesis technique that is missing from the S6, but you can achieve pretty similar results with AM. RM results in Sum & Difference signals being output, AM results in Sum & Difference & Original input signal. You can use the LFO at audio rate to modulate the final VCA in the S6, sounds great.

It’s a cool effect do modulate it like that, but unfortunately it’s not quite the same as you’d need a VCA that lets you go bipolar modulation for the inverted part of the cycle. It feels doable, and would be cool, but you can’t quite get there with just AM.

I’m glad there are more that’d appreciate some good ring mod though.


I guess what we really want is Super8 with a 5-octave keyboard and more of everything :wink:
For S6, I just need wavetables and fully functional MIDI.

Sorry to tag you @DDS and @udo-audio but how cool wouldn’t this be? I made this thread pretty much a year ago it seems, and I thought of it again today.
I know the focus is (as it should be) on getting everything stable and done, but I hope there’s some chance of something like this in the future.

Cross-mod being able to set to do ring mod instead of fm would be insane. It’d be amazing to have ring mod in a poly as expressive as the Super 6 is. Think about it, but definitely not something I would see being a priority before maybe 1.0 :slight_smile:

I’ve actually been thinking a lot about this myself. The FPGA can do multi megahertz sample rate ring mod at the oscillator output (before dac into analogue mixer). Would need to think how to activate, how it is routed etc. Keep suggestions coming as we’ll log them and when I get a bit of time I can digest it all and try some stuff out


That would be brilliant, it’s the only classic synth technique glaring omission from the S6 as it stands currently. Bring on those CS-80/Vangelis bells tones. :slight_smile:


Not sure!
I’ve been playing a bit with ring mod as of recently, and actually did some patching with my Super 6 through my eurorack just to get an idea of how it’d be.

What I do know I’d really like is:

  • Being able to modulate ring mod amount (level, mix between normal osc and ring mod)
  • Being able to modulate the speed, be it pitch envelope, aftertouch, whatnot. (Thinking crossmod fader here).
    These are both things you could do on the CS50/80 etc

To be able to change the mix of “dry” and ringmod, it’d be ideal to me if you could use the mix knob for this, and when mix mod is a destination for modulation this would be perfect.
This line of thinking leads me to think that perhaps having a way to change DDS2 to just output the ringmod result instead of the normal DDS2 audio. The selected shape could be used in ringmod (same with dds2 pitch being used for ringmod in this ‘mode’).
Something like using shift?
Shift turn DDS2 shape sets it to ringmod? Similar to the shape copying to LFO1 from DDS1?

Just throwing in a recording I made of said experiments with Super 6 through my eurorack and setting up a similar setting where I can mix between dry and ringmod with aftertouch, and there’s also a pitch envelope on the ring mod speed.
Being able to set this up on the synth itself would be awesome, and would open up for more sound design possibilities, as ringmod is fantastic.

Playing is a bit shoddy and it’s not really made to be a musical piece. Just a little bit of playing with effect triggered. At the end there’s some different shapes going into it as well.