2 OP FM Mode

I believe I’ve seen this mentioned on the forum elsewhere, but figured I’d start a dedicated feature request thread for some kind of phase modulation implementation (aka the style of FM that Digitone, DX7 implement). Perhaps as a shift mode for Cross Mod. I’m not going to pretend to understand the difference between “real” FM and PM (the former of which Super 6 implements I believe). I actually see that this was discussed / requested in the Sound on Sound review (I hope a solution is still on the roadmap): UDO Audio Super 6

This is my favorite synth I’ve ever owned and that won’t change anytime soon but this would be the icing on the cake as I’ve really enjoyed exploring 2 OP FM with Mutable Instruments Plaits recently!


If not done so already, try engaging OSC Sync, switching to DDS2 and adjusting the CROSSMOD fader. It could get you there for the time being. I use this linear FM myself when expotential FM is too much.


(Super 6 manual v4.0, p69)

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for sure! I haven’t been able to get the wood-y sounds I hope for from that technique that I can get from other dedicated FM synths, but that may be user inexperience rather than an issue with the synth. appreciate the insight!

edit: actually with a bit more experimentation outside of what I’d “expect” octave ratios to do, I’m getting some very FM-y, nice sounding results.

my request still stands but I’m always blown away by the flexibility of this thing.

Let’s just be clear - asking for the style of DX7 or Digitone would mean you are asking for 6 operator /4 operator FM respectively. This means introduction of algos and ratios, and would steer the synth into different direction.
S6 already has 2 op FM (lets not get into nitty gritty of phase (distortion) vs frequency modulation), meaning, one oscillator is a carrier, another is a modulator - and this is what you can use for exponential or linear FM. I honestly thought linear is not possible yet, though.

I appreciate your distinction, but I made pretty explicit what feature I was requesting - at no point did I mention building a full 4 op or 6 op FM synth into the Super 6. No problem if what I’m asking doesn’t get implemented as I insinuated in my first post - I already love the synth. I’m just using the “Feature Wishlist” part of the forum to add a wish for a feature.


Oh no problem mate, I thought that in your og post you mentioned “some kind of phase modulation aka the style of FM that Digitone, DX7 implement”. Maybe I misread. You wanted “woody” sound you can get from other FM dedicated synths - again I’m just saying that without algo and ratio implementation, you cannot get anything like DX7 or Digitone.
You can however get very broad spectrum of 2op both exponential and linear FM - wood-y sound is, I’d guess, heavily modulated/folded triangle in linear mode - you can set DDS2 into sync just to keep the pitch even and then experiment with the mixer, crossmod, as well as DDS 2 on filter. Usually, I get those “wooden” sounds when setting mixer all the way to the DDS2 and set DDS1 as sine and DDS 2 as triangle. Try various octaves and waveshapes, pw etc.

Your response totally makes sense with your clarification. Apologies about any confusion of tone!

The Super 6 architecture is super special in how everything relates to / cross modulates each other so I guess my original desire was to potentially replicate sound creation in a way that I already know through these other tools and then process it with everything else the synth has to offer. Vs trying to synthesize those sounds using the Super 6’s specific personality. I do think it’s helpful to take an instrument for what it is and re approach the way you want to get sounds within its ecosystem.

That was overly verbose but you get what I’m saying. Anyway, will leave this here and eagerly await whatever UDO bestows upon us in forthcoming updates.

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