New UDO product idea SUPER FM: FM synthesis + Poly AT + knobs for each oscillator

I love FM synthesis, especially modern synth like the Yamaha MODX/Montage sound very nice. But: creativity is blocked by menu diving.
Wouldn`t it be nice to have the same philosophy of Super 6 in a new UDO product which specializes on FM synthesis? Each of the 6 oscillators should have its own knob for the important settings including EG. My feature wishlist:

  • 61 keys with PolyAT
  • minimum 6 binaural voices, 12 mono voices
  • hands on: knobs for all important settings of all 6 oscillators including their EG
  • Binaural feature (Stereo with LFO1 phase modulation)
  • Super oscillator? I am not sure if this works with FM, but this could be a nice UDO typical feature which no other FM synth has (same with binaural feature).
  • Analog filters? I doubt if this is necessary, I have no experience using analog filters with FM. But could be nice when LFO1 phase modulates the filter.
  • In analogy to Gemini, a second more expensive product could have bitimbrality, combining 2 standard SUPER FM. This should offer all the knobs for 2 parts (both timbralities).

What do you think? Analysing Korg Opsix SE (more than 2000Euro with 61 keys), I think that there is a lot of potential for a product with typical UDO features (hands on, binaural, PolyAT, maybe SUPER). Should match perfectly with FPGA capabilities.


You could be talking about the Op-6 SE :slight_smile:

That would be the best FM synth in the humanity history. :smiley:

Let’s first have a finalized Super6. Sorry, it needed to be said

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But otherwise yeah good idea

Obviously, Behringer is working on an FM-synth BX700 with analog filter!