Cross Mod Shapes and Sub Shapes

The current cross mod sounds like it defaults DDS2 to a triangle. Would love to be able to use all the other basic shapes from DDS 2 (Sine, Saw, Square, and maybe even pulse square).

Also for the Sub OSC mode on DDS 2, would like to see a Sine wave as an alternative to the default square.


Also here for the Sine wave as alternative to square, thanks

Just to chip in that i like the current behavior.

Simple waves give most musically usable results with xmod, so I wouldn’t like the modulation wave to change when I change OSC2 waveform.

The current configuration in my opinion give the widest combination of musically interesting variation.

A lil confused. Could you clarify a bit? Does the crossmod not change the DDS2 shape to a triangle regardless of how you set DDS2?