How to (de)tune DDS1 or "the whole thing"

While playing with FM / cross modulation I realized, that the resulting tone sounds often hardly out of tune.
If I play my beauty solo this does not matter, but together with another instrument it get’s complicated, especially because I’m not experienced enough to transpose manually.
Is there a hack/tweak to compensate this?

Thanks in advance for any hint.

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Note to myself: RTFM! :nerd_face:
Found the answer on page 64 :+1:

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Note to myself: Don’t celebrate too soon!

Transpose und Fine Tuning is part of the global settings and not part of the patch,
so it is not really suitable to compensate patch specific detuning effects. :confused:

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If we had Note Number/Tuning/‘Key Follow’ as a Mod Matrix Source you could probably sort it, but we don’t.

Some clever solution to this would be great actually.
I have ran into this while playing, and would’ve liked a quick fix for it without actually that doesn’t mess with my global tuning.

Just joining in the choir of people who would like this. Please allow us to save a per patch tuning offset!

Oh yes please - anyone heard anything? cross mod is a bit limited without tuning offset…


The best way to solve this:
(as I love the cross modulation sound timbres you can find)
Tweak very slowly the cross modulation together with the pitch of the second oscillator.
You will find the sweet spot, that is also on the correct pitch of your other instruments.