Per patch transpose + fine tune

Would be awesome to save transpose and fine tune settings on a per patch basis - I find myself making a bunch of awesome sounds with FM especially and get turned off using them in recording sessions bc they’re always out of tune! Octave settings are already saved per patch, surely it couldn’t be too hard doing the same for fine tune and transpose


Can I invite feedback from the community here? It’s certainly something we can easily do, but sometimes you just want to transpose/tune the whole instrument. Saving the settings with the patch means when changing patches you’ll lose your settings. This may work for some people and not for others. I’m open to feedback


I’m not someone who stores patches too often but can see how this would be very important for those who do.
Personally, I’m in serious need of a fine tune for DDS2. Its surprise omission is the only thing that actually spoils my day to day use of the Soup. Possibly I’m a non-typical user, though, who knows?

Ah yes I totally forgot :confused: I suppose implementing that per patch workflow would sacrifice the global workflow… would it be at all possible to implement this and give users the option to toggle between the two? If there’s any button combinations left to do so :grimacing:

I know for a fact the whole “some options work for some, not for others” has been a point of contention for some things on here… like how the voices are handled on the S6. A lot of people miss the round robin, some like it better this way - possibly another toggle option that could be implemented if at all possible


I don’t know how possible this is (I can imagine the architecture being a roadblock maybe?) but the Moog Matriarch has a bunch of global settings hidden away which can be changed via MIDI. Someone on the Moog forum made a nice GUI for it so it’s easy to keep track of what settings you have on the synth, what the possible settings are, and what the default settings are. They can really change how the synth behaves. I will say this is not very intuitive, but it’s great to have the option to experiment.

Seeing as how people have had their patches changed drastically from FW to FW, maybe a lot of things that have been added could / should be alternate global modes that you can change via a set of MIDI messages. Something like changing the potential ranges or default behavior for certain knobs / sliders / buttons should be possible in my mind…I am no engineer though :slight_smile:


I think an editor would fix everything


For me, it would be very very helpful if the fine tune would be saved per patch as I am doing a lot of patches with modulation (especially crossmod, FM).

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Great idea, +1 from me

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I was just searching the forum to see if a post about this had already been made (it has).

I ran into the same situation as the original poster. It’s nice to be able to go to town on sound design and when you land on something, tune it, save it, and it’s ready for later.

I feel like a lot of magic is in the crossmod and FM stuff so it’s tough when you have to tune a patch to use it every time. It’s also not impossible though (if inconvenient).

The best solution seems to add some level of complexity. Best solution being having a global setting to enable tuning and semitone saving with a patch. The good thing about a setting is that nobody will even know it exists unless they need it.

At that point they’ll think “wow U.D.O. engineers must really make music with their gear” (yes I’m trying to manipulate you with praise lol).

In short: I would love it personally! I won’t die without it, but might be annoyed when I’m tuning a patch with a tuner.