WISH! - Oscs 1 + 2 Respond to Different Midi Note Data

Hey All! I love the Osc2 sync and the crossmod on the Super 6. It got me really wishing I could do something that I do with one of the oscillators in Reaktor Blocks (DWG) that has a carrier and a modifier. I run different pitch/note sequences into carrier and mod, then use the sync to make stepped/sequenced sounds for some unique textures.

For a visualizaton:

The output of this kind of thing sounds like this, starting @ timestamp 4:11
Brown Rice in 3 Steps

How would you do this? Perhaps a dual midi mode where Osc2 responds to [current_midi_channel]+1? So If the synth is set to respond on channel 6, in dual mode, Osc 2’s pitch would be determined by channel 7.

Thoughts? Is this crazy?


@commens thanks for this pointer. At first I thought you might be able to do it using oscillator XFADE but then I realised I was missing the point! Let me head scratch over this and @DDS please can you add this to Shipright


Thanks! It’d be a really unique feature that I don’t think i’ve ever seen on other synths. I tend to modulate and sequence the 4 oscs of my DSI Pro-2 in this way occasionally, but it’s with the 0-127 scale, so the notes aren’t always perfect. With the sync and crossmod, you could probably get some really wild tones and textures. Whether it’s feasible or not is the question.

This would be really awesome.

Yeah would be great!