Free running LFO1 with alternative waveform

Here a tip for getting random fluctuation in your sound using LFO1.

  1. Copy an alternative waveform from DDS1 into LFO1 in low-frequency mode (triangle for example).
  2. Set LFO1 mode to free and rate to 0.05Hz.
  3. Mix in LFO1 to DDS Modulator, VCF, and VCA.
  4. Set ENV2 with a plucky ADS but long R.
  5. Record some notes into the sequencer.
  6. While playing the sequencer, gradually decrease LFO1 delay to hear the effect.

Example in binaural mode:


@trond.olsen takk! This is a really complex and beautiful sound and thanks for sharing your method with us. Love posts like this, George


Absolutely marvelous!


Incredible patch! Love the FM-bell like tones.


UDO employ this man to make Super 6 patches please

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Thanks all! I think learning patching techniques makes a much better experience rather than have all those knobs, buttons and sliders sit idle.


Absolutely, I don’t understand people who buy a synth like the Super 6 and then only use presets!

@trond.olsen can you share more about this patch? I’m hearing that you are using delay right? Also, which waveform did you use? Can’t seem to match the timbre of what you created.

I added some details in the comments on soundcloud if you follow the link.