Bug: LFO square wave in ONCE MODE

I found this bug attempting to modulate DDS from LFO1 in once mode.
Starting from manual set the LFO rate near 50%, LFO delay 0, LR PHASE 100%, then trim LFO DDS MOD to obtain an octave jump( as example).
In theory you should ear two notes, but at the end of the cycle there is a drop in tuning.
It’s subtle, but become evident switching BINAURAL MODE off and playing chromatically the keyboard

I confirm this. LFO SQ is unipolar, that is the lower note is the base note which you pressed, and this is perfectly in tune with the basic note with LFO amount turned down. In running mode, the pitch of the higher note can be set precisely, but in once mode the high note will be detuned by almost a semitone. It is present without binaural mode too, though less announced.

I found a workaround.
Lfo 1 can “mimic” DDS1 wavetable, so importing a pure square wave (more square I suppose) as a substitute of the LFO1 square wave, it solve the issue.
pure sq3.ws6 (8 KB)

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It’s a funny old business but I never use square waves in my LFOs. Maybe it’s some paranoia concerning police sirens but the whole on/off thing just leaves me cold for modulation purposes, always has. When I see posts like this I (briefly) wonder if I’m missing something useful…