Possible bug re: wave select mode and running sequences

Normally, switching DDS 1 to a custom waveform automatically puts the buttons into wave select mode. However, when a sequence is playing, it activates patch select mode instead and stops the sequence. Pressing the Wave button while a sequence is running also puts it into patch select mode. This is a problem because I will often inadvertently switch patches while trying to mess with the DDS 1 wave in the middle of a sequence.

A related issue is that putting the buttons into Mod Assign mode also stops a running sequence. In future firmware, I’d like to suggest (1) keep the sequence going when putting the buttons into a different mode, and (2) preserve the expected behavior of DDS1 to Wave putting the buttons into wave select mode.


Hi, can you send a message to support@udo-audio.com. Please let them know if you are using a desktop or kb and your firmware version. @DDS can you check this to see if we’ve got a entry for it thanks

Just wanted to pop back in and say I filed a bug report for both issues, UDO responded promptly, and they have been added to the list.