New firmware bugs

I can’t save sequences with the new firmware :confused:
and I can’t hear the polyphonic lfo2 it seems mono to me as it was. Am I doing something wrong?

You have to use a per note/voice modulation source going to a lfo2 mod destination in order to make the lfo2s end up different per voice. For example use note velocity, poly aftertouch or an envelope to affect lfo2 speed.

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We are aware of the sequence save issue. Please look out for a hot fix to be released imminently


Possible bug, my init patch has oscillators behaving unexpectedly depending on which key I press. For example, DDS1 seems to be turning on Super DDS while DDS2 pans to the right example here. The first half is only DDS1 on an init patch, the second half is DDS2.

I have tried a global reset, and looked into whether my controller is sending weird CCs (I have the desktop version) but I can’t find a CC that would explain the unexpected behavior I’m experiencing.