Voices dropping in unison/solo and sometimes poly1

Hi all. Im beginning to use my Super 6 more and more, so naturally I will run into bugs, but I just wanted to know if this was a bug or a mistake I am making.

I tried to do a polysix synthwave/cyberpunk running bass and it would skip around alot instead of playing each consecutively.

Basically, any consecutive 1/8, 1/16, etc midi I use, the notes will drop randomly when Im in Unison and Poly1, even though I have “local” turned off.

Is there something I may be doing wrong?

There are several known bugs in voice assignment within the current firmware, that affect both keyboard playing and MIDI replay.

When i reported what i noticed, UDO support said, that they currently redesign the voice assigning to address these bugs, so hopefully this will be fixed with the next patch release.


You can fix it by cycling through the voice modes

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If you mean switching between Poly1, Poly2, Solo, Legato, Unison to remedy the issue; I have tried this originally and it did not work for me. Do you mean cycle through them without stopping to play the sounds? I will try again today

Yeah at this point it’s kinda become second nature when performing and voices drop to rapidly press the voice assign button :confused: