Voice dropping when switching from mono to poly mode (confirmed bug)

I’d like to formally note a bug in the current firmware. Nearly every time I switch from mono mode (whether unison/solo/legato mode) to poly modes (either 1 or 2), a voice gets stuck and functionally makes my Super 6 a Super 5. It’s a subtle but because it doesn’t cause a dead voice, but I started to notice it in the studio when tracking a six note pluck part and hearing voice stealing when I got to 5 notes.
This has been confirmed to be an issue by support and they say they are working on a fix for it. Really a bummer because the only way to fix the problem is a power cycle, which is inconvenient to have to do mid-set EVERY time I play a mono patch live.
Just wanted to let folks know that if it’s happening to you, is a bug in the voice assignment on the firmware side and not a dead voice card.

sad but true, same here :frowning: