Voice Assign, pad sounds, reset envelopes to zero with same notes

Hi, is there a poly mode 3 hiding somewhere, kinda of like poly mode 1, except when you play the same note repeatedly it will reset the attack to zero? I’m playing pad sounds with slow attacks that turn into notes with fast attacks when I hit the same note repeatedly, I wasn’t expecting that. Just for comparison, when I bring up a pad sound on the MODX6 nearby, it does what I’m expecting, when I hit the same key repeatedly the attack resets to zero with each key stroke and I have to hold the key down to get the sound up to full volume. The poly mode 1 might have some applications for how I work, but generally I want the soft attacks to be soft all the time. I thought the Super 6 was broken at first, until I switched to other patch sounds and found out that’s how it is. :slight_smile: Thanks

This might be more like round robin voice allocation when playing the same note, not really setting the envelope to zero, you’d want the release to be heard from the note before the next note, when playing the same key. Until you run out of voices, then you might start to cut off releases with new slow attacks.

Further digging, OK, this seems like a known issue. Poly 2 is just weird to me, not sure I’d ever use it. Poly 1 (in its current state) is interesting, possibly useful, I suppose it could be kept. But yeah, regular round robin, we really need that.

Round robin was standard on earlier FW and will be back in future update