Possible bugs?

Greetings. I just updated to OS 0.3 on the desktop. I’ve noticed two things:

  1. On many presets were modwheel and aftertouch are enabled for LFO 2, I cannot turn it off. The lights stay lit no matter whether I hit the button. If the preset does not have the MW and AT enabled, I can easily turn it on and off. If I start from manual mode this issue does not occur, but it is an issue with the init preset.

  2. On manual mode, the routing for DDS modulator is messed up. DDS 1 and DDS 2 seem to go to both. If I start from INIT or preset mode, this issue does not occur.

Things I’ve tried: reinstalling OS 0.3

I’m running MacOS 10.15.7.

Is there an auto-calibration routine I can run? The only calibration I see is for the detuning on Osc 2.

It would be great to know if these issues are unique to my unit or if it’s a bug in the firmware.


Just wanted to chime in and say I am also experiencing issue #1. Can not get the MW/AT to toggle.

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I’ve had the same issue. Seems to be an issue with the init patch, cause the other ones work fine. However, I have noticed that the Delay time LED has never turned on. Not an issue for me, but it would help to tell me what tempo the delay is at when I switch patches.

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Weird. For me it’s all presets with MW or AT on. If they’re off in the preset, the toggle works fine. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

Yes, experiencing the MW/AT thing too. However, I kinda went crazy back and forth to some other presets, and I managed to get it kinda working again. Sorry for the less than scientific testing lol.

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I reported issue # 1 here: LFO 2 Bug? (Desktop)

No response from UDO as they don’t seem to read these threads.

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Weird. Why have your own forum then? I reported by email as well.

We do read these threads. However, please note that this forum is not the primary place for tech support. If you need help with your instrument or would like to report any bugs, please send an email to support@udo-audio.com.

As for LFO 2’s MODE button behaviour described above: This is a known bug and we’re currently working on a fix.


20 characters of thank you!

In related news, I have now failed to reproduce #2. So it must have been user error even though I power cycled and reset faders and all that.