Just got a Desktop, but I have some questions about some weird quirks I've found

Hi all! First of all, happy new year. Now, I’m going to pretty much copy and paste what I put in the Facebook group in hopes of more feedback here. I just got the desktop, I reset it to factory settings but I am noticing a few issues:


  1. LFO is always re-triggered in a slight way, so there’s no true smooth free running LFO. This is because of a slew perhaps, but as long as I play separate notes with a distinct stop and start to the notes (so not overlapping) the LFO will create a sort of BLIP on whatever it’s assigned to.

  2. No velocity to Filter is possible?

  3. Osc 2 doesn’t tune properly more than +/- 4.5 semitones, impossible to program a 5th interval. I know you need 7 semitones to do this, and OSC2 only goes +/- 6 semitones, but it should still be possible to set OSC2 an octave higher and then detuned it to -5 semi-tones to create a 5th interval (7 semitones space between Osc 1 & 2). But on my unit it never reaches 5 semitones in either direction, and certainly doesn’t reach 6.

  4. Freaks out if I move more than one control at a time while receiving MIDI. The timing seriously goes crazy momentarily. This is over USB on PC. It also doesn’t do well when receiving modulation via MIDI and moving a parameter on the panel at the same time.

I am concerned the tuning issue might be unique to my unit, it’s like there are dead spaces beyond 4.5 semitones.

Has anyone else noticed any of these issues on their units? Or the opposite, is any one else’s unit behaving differently from what I described?

Regarding Number 2 “Velocity to Filter”, page 95 on the manual describes Direct Parameter Control Mappings, and VCF Cutoff Frequency as well as VCF Envelope Amount are both available as additional modulation destinations.