LFO1 custom wave - control/switch

Having a bit of an issue with the logic of LFO1 waveshape change.
So say i want to have my LFO1 “borrow” the custom waveshape of DDS1. As manual says, its one move of a knob while holding shift.
I would first set DDS1 to waveshape, then choose a wave. Then, pres shift and turn a knob on LFO1.
This works fine with say, moving it into HF or tracked area and play it through DDS1 or DDS2. However, If I want to use this custom wave as an actual low frequency, so subsonically, if I move a knob without pressing shift, it will change back to simple wave mode, right? Here is a scenario - I have “copied” LFO1 waveform from DDS1 and I set DDS1 into sine wave. LFO1 is in track mode. If I want to move this custom shape now loaded to LFO1 into subsonic territory, I should just move it to triangle while holding shift? My point being, is there a way of “swapping” between subsonic and hi freq mode on LFO1 without messing up custom waveshape - I want to be able to change shape of DDS1 and not to have to reload waveform all the time just so i can copy it to LFO1.
Do I go from tracking over hp to triangle while holding shift all the time?