Wavetable morphing

Curious if it’s possible to add wavetable morphing similar to those in Synthesis Tech Morphing Terrarium or Harvestmen Piston Honda controlled via PW parameter.
Thank you!


Would be great to be able to do morphing, but don’t think adding a third parameter to the PW slider is the best option…

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Great suggestion! I think wavetable morphing would be an excellent feature to add.

The Super 6 has absolutely no wavetable functionality, so this wish seem to me a little beside reality.

What we have is the ability to use one single cycle custom waveform for DDS1 and optional another single cycle waveform for LFO1 in HF TRK mode… and we can “morph” between the DDS1 waveform and a mixture from DDS1 and LFO1 by using LFO1 delay.
But because there is no sync between DDS1 and LFO1 and there is no way to “morph” completely to LFO1 or back … this option is quiet limited.
This would be nice and more powerfull if we could have the MIXER button as a MOD MARTIX target, but it isn’t.

But thats the way it is.
The job of an artist is to make the best possible sound out of the instrument you got.

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By the way, if you are really interested in wavetable synthesis but don’t want to buy another synth for this, recently I found a Youtube video with an interesting idea how to add this:

  • buy an old iPad (one of that generation with a separate headphone plug) and a MIDI connection kit
  • install Waldorf Nave on the iPad
  • connect the iPad MIDI IN to the Super6 MIDI IN and headphone out to AUDIO IN

… and … tada … now you can substitute DDS2 by a complete wavetable synth …
… with a touchscreen that shows what it does. :nerd_face:

And if you think that you need no nice screen, just buy a Waldorf Blofeld module for this job.

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Thank you! Really appreciate more technical viewpoint. Didn’t even think of using LFO delay as a way to morph between DDS and LFO, that’s quite smart. I didn’t know you can have custom waveform for LFO 1 HF. How does one select wave for for HF mode, I thought it’s sine waves only. I already tried using Piston Honda with Audio In and it works quite well!

This is brilliant. I don’t have an iPad, but I will find a way to try this.