Polyphonic LFO2 Tips?


Last night I began a reread of the S6 manual and addendum and came across the polyphonic LFO 2 associated with the most recent firmware.

I experimented a little and in obvious ways: used ENV1 as a source, like it says in the addendum, to modulate the rate of LFO2, then used LFO2 as a source to modulate the filter cutoff (and I had LFO1 modulating this same destination). When time-synced, and with some other basic modulation applied, this was so fun and sounded wonderful to have per-voice filter modulation. Reminds me of my favorite feature from Sequential synths, polymod. I also used LFO2 as the source to modulate the rate of LFO1 while in this same patch, with some nice results.

Anyway, I wanted to ask if anyone had any good tips or cool things you’ve tried to do with the polyphonic LFO2? Which sources besides ENV1 have you used? Any destinations that sounded nice to you, etc.?


I found you can make some gorgeous phasing soundscapes if you modulate the lfo2 Freq from velocity, either with hold enabled or long release.


I’m quite confused by this feature and can’t seem to hear it working. From the manual:

''LFO 2 now contains twelve individual LFO modules that can be polyphonically modulated to have different rates per voice in both binaural and non-binaural modes. If, for example, you use ENV 1 to modulate the rate of LFO 2 using the direct parameter control mapping method, the rate of LFO 2 will be modulated according to the envelope’s settings upon each key press.

The phase of the twelve LFO modules can be synchronised by toggling the LFO 2 MODE switch on the keyboard model or by pressing the LFO 2 MODE button on the desktop model.‘’

  1. Any chance someone could explain a simple step by step process to hear the effect of this feature?
  2. I have the keyboard version. What is the LFO 2 MODE switch? There is no toggle with this name.

Thank you

Try routing the LFO 2 to the pitch (or even velocity) using the mod matrix. Make the chosen modulation amount very high/noticeable then press 2 or 3 keys at staggered times (ie, not all at once).


That part was a bit confusing to me too. If I’m not mistaken, it should be this section on the keyboard. Someone correct me if wrong.