External synth question

If you ran an external synth through the Super 6 on default ‘fully open’ settings would it colour the sound any?

So obviously filter full open, no rez, no FX etc.

Or should it sound completely normal / “dry”?


Why don’t you try it and see? Will depend on a lot of things, the components, gain staging, noise, whether you can REALLY fully open the filters and VCAs etc. Theoretically it should be pretty transparent.

Also one person’s coloured is another person’s transparent. :wink:

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Well I doubt I have a discerning enough ear to tell. I assumed it won’t sound 100% the same if it is running running the analogue filter / envelopes but I don’t know enough about all that.

Just wondering if anyone knew already.

There seems to be a bug where you can’t turn up the gain on the external synth within Super 6 so it is very quiet at the moment and turning the external synth up creates noise. So that complicates thing as well.

Had the idea to pipe a Waldorf M through the S6 to gain its effects.


I tried this and the answer is it does degrade the sound you pass through Super6. It was also difficult to set up, to do with envelope trigering. I reverted to layer 2 synths in my SSL mixer, which sounds great. Give it a go, don’t take my word for it.

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