Phaser for Super 6

I am looking for a phaser for the Super 6 synth, not an area I have knowledge in, I just know I love the sound of phasers.

Does anyone have any suggestions? New or old.

Should it be stereo? Digital or analogue make any difference?


I tend to use my Eventide ModFactor - pretty flexible and sounds good.


I’m no expert but it’s a classic effect for synths. Suggest a stereo in stereo out type is really essential for the super 6

I use D16’s Fazortan and I think it’s the best VST phaser I’ve used so far. I’d recommend any of their plugins actually.

My fave sounding is the MoogerFooger MF-103 one, but it’s only mono input. There are some great software ones out there, the Eventide Instant Phaser is sometimes on sale for $50, and Valhalla Delay in Phaser mode sounds amazing. The ones I use with my Super 6 most are the ones in the Eventide H9 as it’s hardware and stereo in and out.

I use a H9.

The Moog is great but the Super 6 is the one synth I usually want to process in stereo.

I never much liked my Moogerfooger phaser and got rid of it, kept the ring mod though. Yeah stereo for this, hence my Eventide Modfactor recommendation (prefer it to H9 for its UI).

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