A short little ambient tune inspired by our fellow posters. Sounds from S6 with a bit of reverb. In this piece I was particularly focused on resonance.


This sounds beautiful, but you should build this up into something longer !

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Thanks, hehe! My ability to complete tracks seems to diminsh as I age… seriously I fiddle around too much on my S6.

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I find that working in iterations with someone else usually helps completing tracks.

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Hello Trond,

Love these beautiful sounds.
Where can i be in touch with you?


Love it. More please.

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A little hodgepodge of patches while learning Ableton Live. All sounds are from Super 6 but some did a detour thru eurorack. It started as some kind of suspense theme but somehow dnb (without the drums) took over :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Epic! are these factory patches? The glittering high frequencies are stunning.

Cheers for your encouragement :slight_smile: I´ve never really used the standard patches as I enjoy creating patches.

As I´ve learned the Super 6 I´ve found the following worked well:

  • Volume gain on Super 6 with VCA level as high as possible. Standard patches as a result can sound muted in comparison since I gained my audio interface to my prefered volume. Usually combined with Drive mode I.
  • Velocity modulation of filter cutoff (and more). Especially with an external keyboard with semi/weighted keys. Super 6 keys I find too light. Combined with resonance you can get some nice timbres by varying key pressure.

You should make a soundbank of patches and put them up for sale. I would happily buy them as I already grabbed your free ones and they are great.

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A short sunday track using the Super 6 sequencer. I’m quite happy with the pluck sound which uses dds-1 in super mode - nice and snappy. If it hadn’t been such a lazy afternoon the song might have been a tad longer too :slight_smile:


Running the full gamut in bamboo, bottles, metal cans, to handpan. Performance tweaking the controls while sequence was running. Controls in use: pwm, cross mod, freq, env1-a/s/r, env2-r, portamento


It’s criminal you’ve not made a soundset for purchase yet.


I’m personally not that focused on preset patches. It’s more fun to tinker and experiment then stumble upon something interesting. But since there were a few request I plan on adding a bank on patchstorage. I’ll bump my other thread when it is updated.

Here’s one organ instrument I’m particularly pleased with. The resonance adds a lot of character and beatings. The second Glockenspiel instrument is the same organ with controls slightly adjusted.



20 characters of joy.

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