My best sound,

Hey. First post.
I have this synth now for over 1,5 years. Used it a lot on recordings and on stage.
Last week I had Covid and took the synth out of the studio into quarantine, and I rediscovered this patch I made. I think I just sat there for hours playing these simple two note progressions, almost in a dreamstate because of the fever. I think this is the best sound it created for me.



This is a really good showcase of what the Super 6 can do. It sounds splendid! 10/10 :ok_hand:

I also can relate to the feeling of just getting lost in a single patch. Has happened to me several times as well, and I’ve only owned the synth for a couple of weeks.

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I keep coming back to this recording. This is a single patch, recorded straight from the Super 6 without any additional effects on top? Did you use an expressive controller (with for example poly aftertouch) or muck about a lot with the controls on the panel while playing?

Be cool if you could post the patch!


Yeah I can post the patch, I will post it in the thread soon! It is a dry recordings. No FX. I recorded a loop in midi, then started tweaking. Just straight into my interface. But i did cut some parts where i messed up. I think there are two cuts in there.

I made the patch before the MPE update, almost a year ago I think. But I recently updated it a little bit. I’m in the process of buying the Sunnysynth editor, which will uncover what I did here.


Oh my, that’s lovely.

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Great patch! The filter fm, or what ever sounds like it, is perfect

Really lovely. So much emotion!

Hi, I still come back to this thread because it is so good. is there any chance you could still upload this patch? many thanks!

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Hey! Yeah I will get on that soon. I wanted to upload it together with some more good patches I created, as a little attendum to a EP I was planning on releasing.

But the release is process is going a little sour, bad negotiations with labels, too little resources, only dead ends… So now I can dump it separately, but I am on holiday atm. Would love to hear what people can create with this patch.


Cool! Would love to check out your EP as well!