My best sound,

Hey. First post.
I have this synth now for over 1,5 years. Used it a lot on recordings and on stage.
Last week I had Covid and took the synth out of the studio into quarantine, and I rediscovered this patch I made. I think I just sat there for hours playing these simple two note progressions, almost in a dreamstate because of the fever. I think this is the best sound it created for me.



This is a really good showcase of what the Super 6 can do. It sounds splendid! 10/10 :ok_hand:

I also can relate to the feeling of just getting lost in a single patch. Has happened to me several times as well, and I’ve only owned the synth for a couple of weeks.

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I keep coming back to this recording. This is a single patch, recorded straight from the Super 6 without any additional effects on top? Did you use an expressive controller (with for example poly aftertouch) or muck about a lot with the controls on the panel while playing?

Be cool if you could post the patch!


Yeah I can post the patch, I will post it in the thread soon! It is a dry recordings. No FX. I recorded a loop in midi, then started tweaking. Just straight into my interface. But i did cut some parts where i messed up. I think there are two cuts in there.

I made the patch before the MPE update, almost a year ago I think. But I recently updated it a little bit. I’m in the process of buying the Sunnysynth editor, which will uncover what I did here.


Oh my, that’s lovely.

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Great patch! The filter fm, or what ever sounds like it, is perfect

Really lovely. So much emotion!

Hi, I still come back to this thread because it is so good. is there any chance you could still upload this patch? many thanks!

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Hey! Yeah I will get on that soon. I wanted to upload it together with some more good patches I created, as a little attendum to a EP I was planning on releasing.

But the release is process is going a little sour, bad negotiations with labels, too little resources, only dead ends… So now I can dump it separately, but I am on holiday atm. Would love to hear what people can create with this patch.


Cool! Would love to check out your EP as well!

This is what has drawn me to the UDO camp for my first and only major synth purchase to scratch an audio-itch. Always had home keyboards when I was young, but now a few decades later, miss noodling around and playing my fave artists tunes! This is a perfect example of just getting lost in the sound, not having to fumble with computers or screens. Awesome stuff!