Drone Setup

I’m just getting in to the Super 6 and found myself making a drone today; It’s so…lovely. Is anyone else on the forum using it specifically for that? Can you offer any tips for setup or point to some drone music that’s been made on the S6? Link to my (rough) first attempt here.

For that matter, if anyone can point to good literature or a general primer on drone music, that would also be appreciated.


I’m simultaneously discovering the work of Éliane Radigue as I start my journey with the Super 6. Finding her sound a compelling staring point for explorations with the synth.

One thing I am finding with the desktop model is that, at least for the subtle slow changes of a longer drone piece, the short throw of the faders is a little challenging at times as I’m making more abrupt shifts than intended. I think I’m going to try pairing an AtoVproject 16n fader to control certain aspects of the synth to get more detailed control.

Also reading Harry Sword’s Monolithic Undertow for some background on drone music; however, it’s more a catalogue of the psychodelic era than a theoretical primer. Still looking for that.

Another demo test here: Dream Assist