S6: Simultaneously the most wonderful and frustrating thing I own

Just about every single time I get a moment to flip this lovely machine on, the session will include equal parts absolute pleasure and amazement and time lost to frustration. The glorious sound this synth makes is matched only in its ability to throw me for a loop.

In fairness, this isn’t all the S6’s fault, it’s a good 50% operator error as I’ve slowly put in the hours to actually learn the instrument. A recent example: I’m playing away making an absolutely amazing sounding 3 voice unison bass using manual mode and I notice that as I play more notes in quicker succession, the sound becomes brighter/thinner/less “driven sounding”. This is probably me being dumb, prolly has to do with voice count and my release setting or how the drive section works. But hell if I know, and the manual isn’t filling any gaps.

Sometimes it is the Supes fault. Despite working with support, who rock BTW, my S6 will still just randomly act like I’ve sent some kind of modulation to the time parameter of the delay section. Yeah, sometimes it sounds cool. Nope, I’m never trying to do it, and thats frustrating.

I’d like to be less frustrated with this synth and instead spend more time letting the waves of glorious sound wash over me.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Hope you’re all having a great week


I can relate. Sometimes playing the same notes with the same patch just sounds different. I started to sample the S6 parts as soon as I get them right. So now I use it like a vintage synth that has no patch memory :sweat_smile:

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Yes sometimes it is a bit random ‘buggy’ but the sound more than makes up for it (well most of the time anyway) With any luck the promised OS update will address most if not all bug issues .

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