Reverb (algor.)

I would like to have more onboard effects, especially reverb.


I’d like a nice Phaser, would be lovely with the string/pad sounds the S6 excels at.

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Understand the sentiment, but in all honesty I don’t know any synth with a really good multifx engine. It either lacks character, or has too much character an become dated quite easily.

Developing top algorithms like Eventide, Strymon, Valhalla, etc takes a lot of time and resources. I personally would just get a H9 or something, and let George&Co work on the synthesis engine.


I dunno, Wavestation had a great multi-fx engine that could easily become a part of the synthesis process.

I don’t want a great multi-fx engine in the S6, I’d just like 1 or 2 more options, particularly a Phaser.

Have had an H9 Max for the last five years and it does indeed pair very well with the S6!

A little OT, but I’ve been thinking of picking some some of the boss 500-series pedals to use for FX for all my synths. I find that I enjoy the chorus, but it sounds a bit metallic to me sometimes. I generally prefer rotaries when I really want to put something underwater. And what I constantly miss on the delay is a filter so that, for instance, only the bright attack portion of my sound gets into the delay. These aren’t things I expect a synth to handle in a simple onboard FX section. There are synths I expect to handle that, but that wasn’t my expectation from the super 6, and I’m OK with that.

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Maybe a purist’s view here but onboard synth FX are yawn to me. Plenty of outboard doing that.

Maybe I’m already spoiled with such nice outboard but I would rather see use of spare CPU to other synthesis-related things (wavescanning à la ppg), that is, pushing S6 further into carving its own character, rather than yet another reverb that can easily be found outside in various forms and tastes. Ymmv


I would agree with that sentiment. I actually find myself using the fx on the Super 6 far less than any other synth I have owned. I think that says a lot about it’s actual synthesis abilities. I also find when you end up with too many features you end up with the options dilemma. Furthermore one of the reasons I bought the synth was for the “you get what you see” factor. Obviously this is all subjective conjecture but maybe it’s of value to state it.

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FWIW, I bought a dedicated pedal (the boss RV-500), and of all my synths, I feel it adds least to the Super 6. Make no mistake, there’s absolutely another flavor it can add to the sounds, but having it off or on is more of a flavor than a new layer. With my Prophet Rev2 meanwhile, it frees up the onboard FX on that synth to do modulation that can be keysynced, enveloped, lfo’d, modmatrixed, etc, and is overall much more transformative of the sound for that synth. All of that is to say that this isn’t any old analog synth that benefits quite so much from just a basic reverb, at least not in my experimentation with the reverb I have in the past few weeks.