IS Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave brother of Super 6?

Question to U.D.O.: as this product somehow is a brother of the Super 6, is it designed by UDO?

Well it’s from a different company so no.

Sounds great though.

Whoa that patch at 2:42 is beautiful. Wavescanning is the one additional feature I’d want on the Super 6.


I tried remaking this patch here at 2:42

This is as close as I could get


I love the patch he plays starting at 3:10, it sounds very warm. You can reproduce this on S6?

Here they say, that Geoff Farr is the man behind Groove Synthesis. And he is also somehow related to UDO as they point out. I think he is not a designer of synths, but we will se at NAMM.
At the end, many features and ideas of this synth are very near to Super 6 but on a higher level:

  • 24 voices (2 x Super 6)
  • 61 keys
  • 3 oscillators (wavetable or waveform incl. analog waves)
  • 4 EGs
  • 4 LFOs
  • Display
  • 2 filters with morphing between HP and LP
  • sequencer
  • multitimbrality (4)
  • Wavetables with travel knob
  • create wavetables via the audio input
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Yeah the S6 can do this sound.

It’s those complex/multitimbral wavescanning sounds that are troublesome to get close enough to.

I like these features and enjoyed what I was hearing in the video so this synth will go on my shortlist.

However, the dev team at UDO has made me hesitant to get any other synth because they’re still adding useful features (freeze) as well as enabling features that haven’t been unlocked yet (MPE, mixer mod destination).

If they do decide to add wavescanning/wavetables, I likely won’t need to look at any other digital/wavetable synth either.


Combined with Super mode this would give S6 a distinguishing feature.
Vote for the feature request Wave scanning.


Geoff is the distributor. He’s not part of the design team.

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But who designed this synth? I doesnt look like a beginners product.

New information on Gearspace given by GrooveSynthesis:
0. Pricing: 3795.- for preorders

  1. 3rd Wave is production ready. Building up units for August ship now.
  2. We are pros and have been directly involved in the design and manufacturing of over a dozen synths for others. The 3rd Wave is already in the hands of a few heavy hitters in LA who seem to like it very much.
  3. Pre-orders will be filled in the order taken and are on target for late August.
  4. Testing has been ongoing for well over a year.
  5. All features described in the specs are in place for launch.
  6. Like the responsible pros that we are, we don’t make forward-looking statements about future features. : )
  7. On Friday our website will go live with full specs and more demos.
    Also a very short demo will drop today on YouTube and another tomorrow with 6 minutes of demos of some of our presets.

Sorry but I don’t like the sounds in the video. Hope the synth could sound better. Sterile music for mediocre sound designers …