Super Gemini Wavetable Patch Storage

Hey team, think I’ve spotted a bug where the Wavetable is not stored correctly when storing a patch.

In the attached video you can see I attempt to save a patch that uses a wavetable, however when I go to load the patch, it loads with a different wavetable (even though the wave selector suggests the patch is on the same wave)

Ideally the patch should save the wave as part of the patch (even if that wavetable isn’t currently in the Wave slots) - which is what I believe George mentioned should be the case in the Sonic State video. Assuming this is a software bug!

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Yes that does sound like a bug because the desired behaviour you describe is how things are supposed to work, and do work on the Super 6, so you can later change which waves are stored in the main wave banks without existing patches getting messed up.

This is also mentioned explicitly in a tip near the bottom of page 33 of the manual:

“Each patch remembers the alternative waveforms it was saved with. Even if you replaced all alternative waveforms the Super Gemini is shipped with, the factory patches wouldn’t change.”

I’ve noticed the same issue today - seems like it only happens if I try to save to bank B of patches though. If I save anywhere to bank A of patches, the wavetables seem to recall correctly. Is this same for you @rjamesjers ?

@DDS please can you investigate the behaviour of wave recall from drive bank B thank you


I can confirm the behaviour and added it to our list.

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