Add more patch memory for user patches?

I feel sorry to wipe over any of the presets, even if i can re load them from the PC.
Would it be possible for each bank to have 4 sub banks instead of 2?

The Korg Polysix Kiwi has an elegant way to store more, each bank has 4 sub banks and the LEDs show them thus:

  1. light on
  2. light flashing
  3. lights of all other banks on but active bank off
  4. the same but active bank flashing

Could this be easily implemented? I see each preset is 32kb, I presume there would be enough space?


This would be great if storage allows it…

I remember reading somewhere stated by George that the patch memory leaves space for lots (limitless?) of modulation routings, which I am a fan of.

So if they do decide to increase the patch limit, I hope that mod limit isn’t affected because I’d rather have high mod routing capability than more patches.

EDIT: Each patch also saves user waveforms in the OSC and LFO and personally, I don’t want that function to have any less flexibility.


Yeah, same here. While more patch memory sounds nice, I’m worried it might limit other possible updates such as the mixer as a mod destination, or the mod limit.

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No more user presets, it will cause complications. No 3rd level functions please. 128 is enough at a time.

It DOES need an editor/librarian pretty desperately though. I would be working on this before anything else imo. So we can easily save and rename patches at the same time without causing corruption, not have to restart the synth in a special mode for this, be able to see the patch names at a glance.

Right now patch management is a bit of a nightmare, adding more patch spaces will make this WORSE imo. Let us manage the ones that are already there, mark favourites, that would be huge.


Personally, I bought the Super 6 for its user interface primarily - I relished it having a layout and patch setup not far off my Jupiter 6. I therefore don’t get why patch management would be a nightmare, but then again I also have no need of an editor/librarian. The joys of being a weird old guy, eh? :wink: