More preset space and other requests

1. More preset space:
Is there room left on the Super 6 to add more presets? Or is it at its maximum storage space fysically?

If it is still possible to add more space:
Optional idea to hold patch and press A/B/C/D/F/G/H to get to a 3rd bank. In this bank your letter LED would blink at double speed.

2. Fine adjustments to controls:
Give us an option to for instance hold the shift button, touch a certain slider or knob (to choose the destination of fine adjustment) and then twist the knob or move the slider but it would only adjust at 1/10th of the distance. This would be really nice to hit the sweet spots between XMOD, audio rate HF TRK and more.

3. More delay options:
Does the FX have the possibility to have more options?
I know the FX is applied mono on L and mono on R. But you could program it in a certain way that you could choose to have a “fake ping pong”.
It would start LRL, RLR or standard like now depending on your choice =>
press shift and twist the level knob:
standard delay
press shift and twist time knob:
LRL delay
press shift and twist feedback knob:
RLR delay

The delay would just “skip” one step on one side and the other way around. Though with the binaural mode it could have an extra distance which would make it even more interesting.

Thats all for now. Keep up the great work @udo-audio ! :slight_smile:

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I vote against increasing presets/patches if the individual preset file size has to be decreased in any way. Would rather have unlimited mod slots, be able to save custom waveforms inside of a patch’s LFO1/DDS1, etc among other things.

but everything else, :+1:


I agree with what you say, I don’t want increased memory at cost of weakening our current patching capabilities.
Though I have not the slightest clue how much fysical memory the Super 6 has.

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By curiosity, can you precise “unlimited mod slots” and the lack of ability to save the custom waveforms inside a program?
I’m finalizing an editor and librarian for the Super 6 and I think that those things are already available.

  • Mod slots: you have the fixed ones (8 sources, 8 destinations and you have the user ones (8 sources and 22 destinations). The patch file can in fact contain up to 48 destinations for the user modulations so you may have a point here
  • Custom waves inside the patch file. This is already like that. The .s6 program file contains the DDS1 and LFO1 waves used in the program and they can be different from any of the current 32 waves present in the synth.

Fine adjustments: this is really important as the sliders can have a very high resolution but have a limited physical range. Somewhere this is contradictory.
So, indeed, macro mode to move up to a certain spot then some micro mode for fine tuning of the value.
Would almost require a specific slider for that fine tuning.
Don’t think this request is an easy one to implement…

Hi Mr Goodweather,

I see you are from Brussels (I’m from Gelrode, near Aarschot).
Very nice work you are doing regarding the editor & librarian!

Would it be possible to do those fine adjustments on your editor?

What could be interesting regarding this fine adjustments control:
When doing the SHIFT + knob/slider it would turn the pitch bender into a modificator until shift is released again.
Like you push shift + LFO 1 speed (as you can have some nice fm with it) and while shift is blinking, you can push the pitch wheel left and right to change the slider/knob connected parameter at very slow speed (1/10th of the slider). You could give slight pushes left or right to get the connected parameter just right.
This would be ideal as the pitch wheel always go back to 0. While all other knobs/sliders can already be at a certain distance.

Once you press shift again it turns the pitch slider back into its original function.

It would be the same with the Super 6 Module, but the external keyboard pitch wheel would be the parameter controller.
It would be the Super 6 that would use the pitch bend ± data for changing the data from the parameter selected with shift. Like the Super 6 translates the pitch bend midi data into the subtle change of the in this case “LFO 1 Speed” parameter.

Hallo! Ja, ik woon in Eigenbrakel :wink:

Fine adjustments are possible in the editor (mouse hover a slider then use the scroll wheel to move 1 by 1). Sliders will have a resolution of 128 (Low res) or 16384 (High res) as on the synth.

For the synth, you have to convince George and the team :wink:

I’ve said it before but I think 2 layers of presets is enough. A librarian will be a billion times more useful than adding another layer of presets. Last thing you want is a maze of 2nd and 3rd level functions to add confusion. With a librarian at least we can easily see the preset name which is more valuable than you think. Then we can easily create 128 of your most favourite patches, which I think is enough. Right now it is kind of like we are blind, even though you can manually go into the folders and see the patch names. I think that makes patches seem more disposable and not enough. If you have a name to attach to the patch it becomes more personal.


I actually hate naming patches, feels like a bit of admin to do in the middle of being creative. One of my fav features of the hydrasynth was the name randomiser function! Agree 128 patches is a fine amount, wouldn’t like to see more than 2 levels of patch recall

Everyone is different no doubt but some patch names out there are random but I like to give them a name befitting of the sound it makes, which is part of the art for me.

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The naming for a patch is like the finishing touch.
From all my synthesizers, the Super 6 is the one I made the most beautiful patches for. Thats a personal thing for sure. Some I wonder how I even got at that particular sound.
I’m kind of happy. I spaded through all the presets. And I ended up with less then 128. Still need to do some final sorting and I have my Super 6 prepared for my master plan.