Transceive Patch Bank - 64 new high quality patches

Huge pads, leads, basses, ambient, sequences & FX.

Please have a listen here: (No external effects or EQ have been added).

I’ve programmed many synths both analogue & digital over the last 30 years but the Super 6 has become one of my all time favourites.

It can easily mimic the best the analogue polys - Oberheim OB Series, Synthex, Roland Jupiters etc but also the sparkle of digital synths like the PPG Wave & D50.

However it still has its own unique quality sound and I’ve strived to capture the best of what it can do in this collection. More details on the Youtube page.


This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the positive comment - enjoyed making these patches on a great synth.

Outstanding Patches! Well Done… I can’t get enough of this synth!

Thanks - yep it’s a great synth

Is it still available? It seems that eBay listing has ended.

Thank you.

Hi yes still avail, my email address is in YT video details. Not sure if UDO admin let you post email addresses or ebay listings here