Super 6 -Black Materia Soundset Vol1

Bit of a repost, but i was messing around with the Super6, making some new patches for the future Vol2, and also trying out the spring patch pack.

It’s kind of tooting my own horn, and may sound a bit arrogant, but i was surprised by the difference between these and my own presets. I’m still convinced these are some of the best out there to date.

Of course, the amazing braintickling sonics of the Super6 don’t make it that hard to get amazing sounds out of it :slight_smile:

UDO Super 6 Patches Vol1 by Black Materia (part1)
UDO Super 6 Patches Vol1 by Black Materia (part2)

If you are interested in getting these, i’m offering a full 16 banks-128 presets for 36 euro’s, you can contact me at


Got vol1 already, very nice yes… awaiting vol2 :sunglasses: