3rd set of new patches featuring custom waveforms now available

I am pleased to announce my 3rd patch bank of 64 new sounds for the Super 6.
Many of the patches were created using customised waveforms resulting in a unique set of new sounds, showcasing the versatility of the Super 6.
Please check the below video, every patch demonstrated. Further details in the Youtube description.


Love these patches superb sounding.

Transceive sounds appear to have disappeared from eBay UK (14/2/23).

Indeed. I’ve been trying to reach out to Transceive to purchase the sound sets, but can’t find a way.


Tried that address a couple of times a few weeks ago after the eBay link didn’t work. No answer yet. Just tried again now. :crossed_fingers:

I’m sorry to say that Transceive seems to have disappeared. I’ve tried emailing the hotmail address several times, as well as leaving requests on the contact page on the Bandcamp page that was linked from their YouTube profile. But now the Bandcamp page is gone, and still no replies through the other channels. I hope they’re OK…