JEXUS Super 6 patches

Not mine but…

Run don’t walk there are Jexus Super 6 patches for sale - and they are tremendously beautiful.

Lots of PPG type stuff that honestly makes the new 3rd Wave sound cheesy by comparison. Mind blown. Honestly even if you weren’t a fan of Jexus traditionally, a little like me, you need these for your Super 6.



I think he will make them available, I will contact him and post the link here when they’re ready. I think he charges for them, which i think is fair!

Here is his video for those who haven’t seen it:


You can buy now I have them. Just need to Paypal him, some stunning sounds. Some really musical ones too, which is uncharacteristic of him - maybe it’s the synth!

Hi guys. Thanks for your kind words, glad you like the sounds.

There’s also a second video of my Super-6 which is less experimental and more musical, I think.


Welcome to the forum @jexus-wcog !