Hammond Organ Drawbar style waveforms

Used my tool to create two waveforms, that mimic two standard Hammond Organ drawbar settings.

The first is the typical “888000000” setting:

Hammond_888000000.ws6 (8 KB)

The second is a “888680000” setting.

Hammond_888680000.ws6 (8 KB)

With VCF set to completely cut off the 4’ and 2 2/3’ overtone but only shortly opened for 200ms decay by ENV1 this can be used to mimic the Hammond pecussion sound (some kind of).


Here is the patch for that:

p1_hammond888_perc.s6 (35.4 KB)

Used LFO1 for some kind of Lesley emulation and LFO2 for vibrato.

Of course all this is only “some kind of” because other than the original Hammond tone wheels this uses clean sine waves for each “drawbar”, there are no key clicks, the percussion effect comes with everey new key pressed, no tube amplifier distortions, no cabinet effects … and so on.
But for some background organ it could be good enough.

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Sweet! I’m gonna try this out. Thank you