MOD KNOB push-it?

Hi folks!

The MOD-KNOB obviously has a push-klick functionality (push encoder?).

What’s behind it?

regards M.

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Mine does too. I don’t think it has a function? Was maybe the only way they could get a digital encoder on there? It feels much looser on mine, than all the “real” knobs.

Yep, mine feels loose as well. This is the one knob I will treat like a baby.
I am wondering why the push/klick-encoder on the mod-knob has no function.

Maybe it’s reserved for pushing and holding down to turn up the amount of “vintage” ?


Or scanning wavetable mode… :slight_smile:


Just realized it’s a push encoder haha

Another discovery: looking through the grill at the back of my Super-6 I noticed orange light. Valves? No, LEDs which light together in Unison and separately, round robin style in Poly. How cool is that? Another feature is those 5 small shiny metalic pips located in a rectangular hole under DDS and LFO knobs. Looks like they are on the circuit board inside and have some function???

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Just to prevent any further speculations:

The type of rotary control used for MOD AMOUNT was chosen due to availability reasons only. There’s no secret function associated with it being pushed, nor are there any plans to add any functions to it being pushed - simply because the push trigger is not wired to anything.


this is a bummer, but at least we now know that we could safely mod the push-knob contact.
E.g connect it to a wireless relay turning your room lights on and off :wink:

Too bad, could have been useful.