Pitch Bend four octaves

My S6 desktop is doing a fun thing where in MPE mode pitchbend is 1 octave on MIDI channel one, but is 4 octaves on all the other channels. The manual says S6 can only do one octave so that’s peculiar. I reproduced this using three different controllers. Anyone else experienced this?

I would describe that as totally normal for MPE because MPE expressive per-note pitch bend is often assumed to be 48 semitone range, matching the defaults that a lot of MPE controllers use.

Its also normal for that not to be the case for channel 1 in MPE mode, because unlike all the other channels, channel 1 for MPE is the global channel where messages should affect all notes. And so this is the channel where a normal pitch bend wheel, mod when etc would be expected to send their data to if the MPE controller has those controls.

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