PWM not working for DDS2

Not sure if I’m missing something but no matter what I do, I can’t hear any pulse-width modulation.

I’m on firmware 0.52

  1. I init a patch (Shift + Manual)
  2. Set mix to DDS2 only
  3. Set DDS2 to square wave
  4. Set all Env/LFO modulation sliders to zero
  5. Set Super DDS1 to Off
  6. Set LFO 1 frequency to some high value

Now I expect to clearly hear the change of pulse width by moving the PW or PWM faders. But I hear no difference in the timbre. This is how I naturally expect a synth to behave.

Am I missing something here about the Super 6 should behave?


You need to set DDS2 not to square wave but to pulse wave (most right position)