I noticed skipping through the performances and patches that there are two different ways the ribbon works but can’t find anything in the manual on how to change it’s behaviour. In default it sticks to the note I bend it to but on some patches (also when I assign it to something in the matrix) it jumps back to where it was. Best case I was just to shallow on my search.
It would be nifty to change it’s behaviour and also how fast it snapps back. : )

@FelixCulpa when no matrix destinations are applied, the default behaviour is pitch control with some fairly sophisticated polyphonic “latching” behaviour. When one or more matrix destinations are applied, pitch control is turned off, and the ribbon behaves in monophonic relative mode, sliding back to “zero” when released.

is it possible to switch the pitch shifting mode from latching to jumping back?

@FelixCulpa the pitch bender has this behaviour of snapping back. For DDS2 you could also use the matrix to modulate TUNE which would have the matrix type ribbon behaviour applied to DDS2 pitch.