Six issues I experienced with FW 1.12


I got my SG yesterday :smiley: but unfortunately the outputs are defect :frowning_face:. Only “Mix Output L” outputs a signal. However, I am so excited about the SG sice I played it at Sooperbooth '23 that I could not resist to test it a little bit in a mono setup before I send it back to get a replacement unit (hopefully in a few weeks :crossed_fingers:).
During discovering the SG (Firmware 1.12), I experienced some issues I’d like to share. Please take these issue reports with a grain of salt, because my unit has a hardware issue. But to me all of the issues feel firmware related rather than hardware related.

  1. Do the markings on the ribbon have any meaning? I expected they indicate a semitone but they don’t. The ribbon bends down 2 oct (complete right to left) but it bends up only 1 oct (complete left to right). When starting in the middle, it bends down 1 oct but only 7 semitones up. Starting at the middle, bending up/down and down/up back to the middle without releasing, it lands on the same pitch. When releasing in between, the pitch is completely off. Tapping on the ribbon gradually lowers the pitch.

  2. I experience the same issue with the tempo knob as MattCulpin. It does not respond to changes on lower layer.

  3. PW/WAVE is not working in MANUAL mode (both layers).

  4. The TUNE knobs act strange. First of all the why is the scale … -3- 2 +1 0 -1 +2 … I could not find an explenation in the manual. In the range of [+1, 0 -1] there is a reduced sensitivity (which I like because it is easier to dial in subtle detune). At +/- 2 I get a semitone and at +/- 6 I get 7 semitones. Between +/-6 and +/-7 nothing happens. So the 7 semitones are squeezed between +/- 2 and +/- 6.
    This is just an idea but, why not using the LEDs (1-7) to indicate the tuning in semitones, when dialing it in via the knob. LED n could be flashing when tuning is close to the n-th semitone and steady on when hitting the n-th semitone.

  5. I ended up several times in a NON-BINAURAL SINGLE mode that had a reduced number of voices (e.g. 15 and 12) and in a BINAURAL SINGLE mode with less than 10 voices (e.g. 7 and 4) - DUAL mode was also affected. I was able to reproduce this issue, starting with the init patch on both layers. After a reboot I always need 20 hits until voice stealing (in NON-BINAURAL SINGLE mode). This is expected; assuming the voice allocation is round robin. Switching between SINGLE and DUAL mode and activating/deactivating BINAURAL eventually ends up in reduced number of voices. Setting ENV2 R to 10s makes it easy to count the voices. Just hit a low note and count the required hits on a high note until voice stealing happens on the low note. Depending on the SINGLE/DUAL and BINAURAL configuration I expect: SINGLE without BINAURAL = 20 voices; SINGLE with BINAURAL = 10 voices; DUAL both layers with BINAURAL = 5 voices; DUAL both layers without BINAURAL = 10 voices. A reboot is required to recover the voices.

  6. Returning from MANUAL LOWER and MANUAL UPPER to PTACH mode does not work. The manual says by pressing the buttons again, should me bring back.

I’m curious if someone else can confirm these issues :thinking:



Yep definitely number 6, was driving me bonkers till I deduced it was a bug. Thank you for reporting the others and I’m sure your turnaround will be swift.

There is certainly some strange choices in the current firmware but you can’t please all the people all the time. I would like to see a user editable config file, similar to msdos autoexec.bat, that each person can tailor to their needs and loaded by the synth on startup.

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Regarding 3. I forgot to mention that the WAVE mod on OSC1 is working but the PW mod on OSC2 (with pulse wafeform) isn’t. This only happens in MANUAL mode - ENV 1 and LFO 1 modes are working.

I probably found a 7th bug. In SINGLE UNISON mode, when I play legato, evelope 1 and 2 retrigger as soon as I release the first key. Not only this, it seems to leave UNISON mode too (keep playing legao after releasing a key). In DUAL UNISON mode it seems to work.

  1. Also a bug for me.

I have experienced #5 as well with only 15 voices in single mono mode and 4-7 in single Binaural mode. Power recycling does not help in my case but retuning it sometimes does help. Not sure if it is hardware or software related.

6 is also a bug on my SG. I can’t leave “MANUAL” by pressing the “MANUAL” button a 2nd time (on both layers).