Super Gemini Polyphony Issue and Out of tune using MIDI

Has anyone experienced a polyphony issue besides me and user “Fewbits”
At times when switching between monaural and binaural mode I will lose the amount of notes available to play. The Super Gemini will become essentially a Super 8 with 16 notes in monaural and 8 notes in binaural and at other times it goes into Super 6 mode with 12 notes monaural and 6 notes binaural. A power cycle always recovers the notes. I also tried reinstalling the firmware and the tune and calibration runs. Still does this. One other issue cropped up after using it as a controller for a GS E7 and that was the overall tune was 1/2 step off and the tune did not fix it but power cycle did. I have been in contact with UDO support but wanted to reach out to see if anyone else is experiencing these issues. Hopefully they are firmware and not hardware related.