Gemini makes random notes / crackling noises / blinking buttons after few minutes after start and freezes

Hey, yesterday I got the following issues happening with my Gemini.

After loading, in several minutes (10+) my unit can start issuing random MIDI notes and then freezes. It also does send corresponding notes via USB midi, as I heard Pianoteq in my DAW playing those notes when it was using it as a controller. It sounds like someone jumping over the keys and pressing clusters of random ones in the low register.

Also, after loading a preset, it can play it with crackling noises, then start turning on/off W1…16 buttons in order in a weird way, and then freeze. I’m not sure yet but it started happening after a I loaded some presets into the B layer that was initially empty. But for me it looks like a firmware issue as those turning on/off buttons here and there and then freeze when only some LEDs are kept lit seems like a software issue. Hopefully software, I should say.

Does any of this sound familiar and is going to be addressed in the next update? Thanks.

Tried removing those B layer presets. Not sure if it helped but now it freeze in couple of minutes after start and stops producing any sound.

I have to say yeah, I agree. There is definitely intermittent or random behaviour in the current firmware. I’m currently going through a love/hate relationship with the SG, I really hope new firmware will sort out the MANY issues please @udo-audio

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Also noticed that if I stay on the init preset, it doesn’t freeze. Also it didn’t have this issue first few weeks, but appeared yesterday when I uploaded presets to the B layer.

UPD: for now global reset has fixed the freeze issue.

UPD2: actually not, still freezing after ~5-10 minutes.

Hi @Tvaroh please can you contact and provide these details. They are not working Sunday but will be back in touch Monday to help.

Turned out it’s not a firmware but a known hardware issue which some units from the first batches (I guess) may have. UDO is getting it serviced via my dealer. I apologize for the confusion about the firmware assumption.

I am curious if yours had the mod already though? Mine too began behaving this way today and has the mod. I have just contacted UDO support.

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Or, sorry to hear. I may be speculating, who knows perhaps it’s something else rather that initial issue.

I’m curious to know when did you receive your Gemini?
I hope your problem will be resolved quickly.

Having the same issue here, its just started to happen now, although I have had the SG for a while. contacted support and awaiting my reply.

Culprit is a faulty main board they are changing mine out this week, hopeful this is the last issue I have with the SG.