More Super Gemini Issues

My synth is currently back with UDO to fix an issue previously described here Lower layer arpeggiator tempo issue

Signal Sounds kindly loaned me a new Synth whilst mine is away.

I’ve switched the brand new loan one on today and getting a weird issue. The #4 Patch LED remains on all the time, The Upper Layer select LED remains on all the time and the Poly 2 LED in the Voice assign section remains on all the time. I’ve installed 1.12 but the issue remains, anyone else getting this?

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Hello Matt, I have had a unit for 15 days and it has started to make that error that you have explained. In my unit it is other led that remain fixed on. Have you managed to solve it?

Thank you very much, greetings.


Mine went back to be repaired, however, the dealer swapped it for a new version which has been fine.

Hope you get it sorted, as mine was definitely a hardware issue.



Actually, now you mentioned it: YES!
Mine has been like this for the past couple of weeks!
Updated to v1.22 firmware this evening hasn’t changed it.
I had thought it was just some odd setting I had accidentally turned on, and if I kept meaning to go scour the User Manual to find out what it was… but so you think it’s a bug?

Mine was a hardware issue and had to be returned.