Lower layer arpeggiator tempo issue

I’ve installed the latest Firmware 1.12 and noticed an issue with the lower layer when using the Arpeggiator.

Tempo does not change in real-time. When the using the Arpeggiator on the upper later, the tempo pot will change the tempo. But on the lower layer, you have to stop/start for it to accept a new temp. Anyone else found this?

I do also have a catastrophic issue, which again only seems to affect the lower layer and specifically when using one of the DDS1 wavetable waves. I think it might actually be a heat / thermal related issue. My studio get’s pretty warm when all my gear is on and the synth would keep crashing, first audio crackling, but then it appears to overload and then all manner of lights turn on and it goes crazy.

Today I’ve kept my aircon on at 20˚C and so far it hasn’t crashed. A little worrying though.

I’ve emailed support about this and included a video.

Can confirm this one. Tempo does update if one moves the LFO1 rate up and down!


i also can confirm the tempo issue with the arpeggiator in the lower layer.
I loaded the same patch in both layers. In the upper i can change the arp tempo in real time and in the lower nothing happens. In case i move the LFO1 rate slider on the lower layer, the tempo is updated.