Issue with Super Gemini layer audio outputs

Hi everyone,

i found some strange behavior of my Super Gemini audio outputs. I only use the separate audio outputs. While the keyboard is in Dual or Split mode, everything is fine. The audio from the upper layer goes to its upper outputs and audio from the lower layer to the lower outputs.

But if the keyboard is in single mode the audio alternates between the upper and lower audio outputs. While playing, doesn’t matter if i play notes on the keyboard or the arpeggiator does, every few notes the audio switches from one layer audio output to the other. I’ve counted intervals between 1 and 9 notes. But i can’t se a regular pattern, seems random to me.
This happens with presets and my own sounds as well and it also doesn’t matter wich layer i play.

Firmware is up to date.

@udo-audio if you need further information or an audio recording please let me know
I hope that’s an easy fix!

Thank you

Hi, this behaviour is normal. When in SINGLE mode, both layers are used to give up to 20 voices (10 Binaural). This means that the MIX output should be used, since the voices are connected in hardware to UPPER and LOWER outputs. Alternatively you can sum the UPPER and LOWER outputs in your external chain to produce the same result as connecting to MIX output.

Hi and thanks for the ultrafast response!
I understand this and will mix the recordings in my DAW.

I thought it’s an issue because the manual didn’t mention this behavior in the chapter “connections”.

Thanks again and have a nice weekend!

Definitely worth adding into the manual. Quite of the few of the issues I’ve had are simply things not explained in the manual. The classical scenario of the difficulty of writing a manual when you know the thing inside out, the impossibility of imagining that anyone would start from that other place!

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