Super Gemini - question relating to volume of the "layer outputs"

Good morning everyone.

I have a question relating to the ‘Layer Outputs’ of the Super Gemini…

When I have my speakers plugged into either the upper or lower Layer Output of my Super Gemini the volume doesn’t work. The sound comes out at full volume. When I plug the speakers into the mix output the volume pot does work.

I thought, from my memory, that the volume pot worked also on the layer outputs when I last used the synth, but I have been abroad with work so I haven’t used the machine in a while.

I have of course referred to the manual, but it doesn’t state anything about this… “11. Lower Layer Output (Left and Right): This pair of connectors outputs the lower layer audio signal, allowing you to mix and process it individually. Connect both outputs to your mixer or audio interface using unbalanced
6.35 mm audio jack cables.

Would anyone be so kind as to check the behaviour of their unit for me regarding this? :smiley:

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Same here. You can use the VCA Env Level to adjust the volume for each layer.

The “LAYER” outputs are before the “MASTER VOLUME” control in the signal chain and their level can be set with the vca “ENV LEVEL” control or mixed/level adjusted externally.

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Thank you very much for helping me with this, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for helping me with this, I really appreciate it :slight_smile: