Midi & other weird Issues with Super Gemini

Purchased a Super Gemini last week from reverb with the hope of it being my main keyboard for my studio. So far I’ve ran into several issues.

  1. The Patch Remain bug where I guess I need a retrofit kit for US power supply 110v?
  2. USB over midi is very problematic. The key velocity plays max even on very soft touches, and sometimes the actual Gemini sounds will become cut off as if they have no release when plugged into usb to my MacBook Pro.
  3. Sustain pedal not working on both upper and lower layer.
  4. Manual mode doesn’t seem to quite work and I sometimes get no sound when going into manual mode?

Are all these issues related to the power supply not working properly?

When it works properly the sound is indeed truly phenomenal, so I’m down to get things fixed and ironed out so I can truly have it as my main studio keyboard. Any tips you guys may have would be greatly appreciated!

Will also email support to try to get to the bottom of things.

I’ve had my SuperGemini for a just few weeks here in the UK.
I don’t know about running it on US voltage, but I don’t think your 2nd issue is anything to do with that: I noticed the same problem with MIDI key velocity: it always comes transmits a very high velocity value even on gentle playing (I usually get v=110 to v=127 whatever I do). (This is over 5-pin DIN or just playing the synth with its own keyboard)
Other forum members have reported the same, and UDO Support confirmed I don’t have a faulty keyboard, they’re all like that.
I’m quite annoyed about it actually, because like you, I was intending to use the SuperGemini as my main controller keyboard as well as for its own sounds.
All they’ve told me is that my name has been added to the feature request for ‘a customisable velocity curve’. No timeframe committed to.

I also notice that ‘manual mode doesn’t quite seem to work’ - I think the firmware is just a bit buggy.

I got a Nord Piano as a master keyboard and the velocity sensitivity on both Super 6 and Gemini has always been very sensitive. A scale option would be nice if data from the Fatar keyboard allows it.

Fatar are one of the leading (if not the leading) OEM vendor of MIDI keyboards,
so I’d be genuinely surprised if the velocity response on their PolyAT keybed was stuck the way it is on the SuperGemini - surely it’s implementation issue on UDO’s side?

Has to be an issue with UDO firmware, but good to know that it’s not a hardware issue and other users are experiencing it. Phew!

I’ll ride the wave of the bugs because the Super Gemini sounds amazing, but @udo-audio should most definitely fix the midi velocity issues. Unless it’s some deep setting we are missing perhaps?

To update Manual Mode IS working properly for me now. Did an entire session making sounds in manual mode and you just have to make sure you don’t have some weird settings activated and actually know what you’re doing LOL.

Learning the synth is going to be an interesting journey for sure!

Not sure this is relevant, but I just tried the Key Step Pro arp into the Gemini via midi cable on an Init patch with full on dynamics. The Gemini responds to velocity as I’m used to from other synths. That is, I can make notes almost disappear, relative to the full-velo notes.

Using the Gemini’s own keyboard I still get velocity dynamics, but it’s harder to get the low velo notes. The keyboard is hotter than what I’m used to and probably needs that velo curve tweak.

Thanks for your comments about velocity response. I’ve found it inadequate myself and have been working on it today for super 6.

The velocity curve has been much improved in an imminent 1,1 release coming for Super 6. This will be promptly ported to Gemini.

Also, in same poly aftertouch response is improved for Gemini to adapt in realtime to playing style and finger pressure.

Both together should really improve the playing feel even more.

Amongst other things “not exiting manual mode” on second press of button (like manual says it should!) has been addressed also and some niceties like performance compare (similar to patch compare)


Looking forward to the firmware update. Hopefully also the lower layer tempo bug is sorted.

It’s a truly amazing synth!